Have Your Tile Floors Lost Their Shine?

Get professional tile cleaning services in Newburgh, Boonville & Evansville, IN, and surrounding areas

If you have ceramic tile in your home or business, you know the value and beauty it can add to your space. Ceramic tile adds a high-end luxury feel to your home or office, but textured tile and grout can collect dirt and grime easily. Dingy flooring can affect the way you feel about your home and the way your customers see your business.

Before you get down on your hands and knees to scrub your tile flooring, call the tile and grout cleaning professionals at Crystal Ball Carpet Cleaning. Serving Newburgh, Boonville & Evansville, IN and the surrounding areas, our tile cleaning experts use eco-friendly cleaning products to remove stubborn dirt and stains from your ceramic tiles.

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Be ready for any occasion

Be ready for any occasion

At Crystal Ball Carpet Cleaning, our tile cleaning services can renew the look of your ceramic tile flooring easily. Our comprehensive tile and grout cleaning process covers:


  • Prepping - Before cleaning, we apply an industrial tile and grout cleaning product that removes loose dirt and bacteria.
  • Cleaning - Using powerful yet safe cleaning solutions, we use a rotating brush to open tile and grout pores to loosen and remove set-in grime.
  • Finishing - Once we scrub your tile floors, we will polish off your tile flooring, leaving only the beautiful tile behind.




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Refinish your vinyl floors

When you first installed your vinyl flooring, it was beautiful, shiny, low-maintenance and had an overall attractive appearance. Over time, heavy foot traffic will cause scuffs and scratches that will dampen its appeal. Crystal Ball Carpet Cleaning specializes in vinyl floor sealing and refinishing services, leaving you with a renewed appreciation for your durable and versatile flooring choice.

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