20141016_103140_resized_5 There are so many reasons to get your carpet professionally cleaned. It can make your home feel more comfortable, help get you ready to entertain company, or can even help you sell your home during a showing. At Crystal Ball Carpet Cleaning we specialize in making your carpet and tile look and smell its best so you can experience all these great benefits.
The Crystal Ball Difference
We have years of experience and our vans are stocked with dozens of different cleaning supplies. No matter what stain we find we have something that can help. Our process is simple, fast, and safe for your whole family. We are also environmentally friendly using green techniques to help your family have a nice clean surface without a large impact on the world around you. Crystal Ball has helped so many families and businesses over the years that there seems to be no end to the occasions someone may need our services.
Here’s a look at a few of the reasons we get asked to clean carpet:
Spring Cleaning
This is a great time of year to go through things and catch up on the chores that have been left all winter. Carpet cleaning is a great addition to your spring routine. While all of your furniture is being lifted Crystal Ball can sneak in and get a deep clean into your carpet and ceramic tile.
Special Occasions
Having people over is a great way to grow closer with your family and friends, but being a host is often stressful. For birthday parties, graduations, and family reunions—let Crystal Ball make your carpet look, feel and smell great with a cleaning a few days prior to your get together.
Whether you regularly celebrate in your home or have just started hosting, Crystal Ball has helped countless families prepare their carpet, tiles, and upholsteries for all the parties and meals during the holidays.
Regular Cleanings
There doesn’t have to be an occasion to want great looking carpet. We have many clients who have Crystal Ball regularly come out to clean their carpet and tiles. This can extend the life of your floors while having an always fresh feeling.
The high traffic areas of your business or property can end up looking and smelling bad if not regularly maintained. Crystal Ball can be scheduled to come at the same time every week, month or quarter to make sure your carpets are ready for your customers. We service many restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings and more.
Odor and Stain
Sometimes you’ll have an unfortunate accident with children or even pets that just won’t come out without help. Crystal Ball can assess your situation and tackle most odors or stains with one of the many industrial products we carry on hand.
No matter what need or occasion you have coming up Crystal Ball can help make sure your carpet is cleaner than ever. We offer many other services that go well with our carpet cleaning like tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more.
Contact us today to see how we can help and schedule a free estimate.